Our Goals and Values

Our Guiding Principles – ‘The Way We Work’

In order to achieve our goals, it is important to understand the way we work. Our work is guided by:

Strong Partnerships – we take a participatory approach with our program leaders, donors and all our partners (no matter the level/segment) to, in partnership with them, work to deliver the outcomes needed most.

Empowerment – we aim to make a difference; to engage and empower the people effected by our Program Priorities where we want to make a change - to make sure a change is made and sustained.

Alignment – we aim to work closely with RANZCO, the ORIA, and other partner organisations, to align our collaborative focus to achieve more. Collaboration will make us stronger.

A long-term view – we are committed to building long-term capacity in each of our Program Priorities, our individual projects and across the communities in which we operate.

Respect – we are cognisant of internal and external cultural and social sensitivities and are inclusive and respectful of the people we work with.

Value – we monitor our programs/projects to ensure they are evidence-based and relevant, cost effective and delivered efficiently.

Excellent governance – we have robust internal processes and governance and work diligently with partners to safeguard monies that are entrusted to us. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards.

Independence – we are a secular not-for-profit organisation, with no political or religious affiliations, goals or policies.



  • Raised more than $24.5 million for vision initiatives since 2003.
  • Our partnership with ORIA has supported more than 202 eye health programs since inception.
  • Raised more than $9.1 million specifically for vision research.
  • Helped more than 83,000 patients with sight-saving procedures across Asia Pacific since 2005.
  • Screened and treated more than 6,000 Aboriginals across the Kimberley/Pilbara regions since 2010.
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