Many hands make light work. Many partners make sight work.

Partners in Sight is our annual giving program, which provides us with regular contributions so we can continue to fund: national and international research; education and training; sustainable development programs; and increase community awareness of eye health through JulEYE.

To partner with us, we ask that you make an annual tax deductible contribution of $1,000. You can choose how you’d like this money allocated:

  • ORIA Research Grants
  • Greatest Need – domestic development
  • Greatest Need – international development
  • The Kimberley Diabetic Eye Care Program
  • The Myanmar Eye Care Program


Not only will your annual contribution contribute significantly to provide vital funds for increasingly important eye health programs in Australia and overseas, it will further the impact of efforts to promote community awareness of eye health through JulEYE.

2016 Partners in Sight

We'd like to thank and acknowledge our Partners in Sight who contribute to our vital eye health research, awareness and sustainable eye care programs:

Dr. Stephen Bambery, Dr. Mark Loane, Dr. Alexander Hunyor, Dr. Robert Kearney, Dr. Leonard Ong, Dr. James Elder, Dr. Frank Martin, Dr. Thomas Woo, Dr. Mark Cherny, Dr. Richard Wolfe, Dr. Mark Daniell, Dr. Glen Gole, Dr. Pathmanathan Pathmaraj, Dr. Ben Clark, Dr. Tom Playfair, Dr. Somsak Lertsumitkul, Dr. Nagi Assaad, Dr. Christopher Brown, Dr. Richard Stawell, Dr. Adrian Farinelli, Dr. Andrew Field, Dr. Brian Harrisberg, Dr. Peter Martin, Dr. Mark Medownick, Dr. Peter Hinchcliffe, Dr. Richard Mills, Dr. Everardus Boets, Dr. Kiran Sindhu.

If you'd like to become a Partner in Sight please contact us on (02) 8394 5220 or download a form here.

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  • Raised more than $24.5 million for vision initiatives since 2003.
  • Our partnership with ORIA has supported more than 202 eye health programs since inception.
  • Raised more than $9.1 million specifically for vision research.
  • Helped more than 83,000 patients with sight-saving procedures across Asia Pacific since 2005.
  • Screened and treated more than 6,000 Aboriginals across the Kimberley/Pilbara regions since 2010.
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